Bring art into your home.


Who we are

Highly specialized organization with an extensive passion and knowledge of the multi dimensional world of art . We are the connection between the community and its dynamic diversity .1474 will work as the liaison between (you )the artist or the buyer and their client .


What we do

(1474 Art INC ) Develop a long-term relationship and understanding between the artist and their work .Once that is established it is our job to take your vision to the next level ,with extensive brainstorming we will customize goals and prepare an accurate marketing strategy to pinpoint your target market.Here at 1474 Art Agency we will facilitate the sales of Artist by working with museums galleries corporations and collectors. We do more then represent our artist .We build ,challenge, develop our artist ,so they can lead and inspire the next generation


What is 1474?

1474 is not only symbolic but also very empowering. 14 = 2014 the year I decided to put faith over fear,realizing that I am very different from the rest.Strength and determination is what it takes to develop such a creation.

74=1974 The year my older brother was born .As I grew older I followed behind his footsteps ,looking at him with such amazement. He had such an artistic way he carried himself.He passed away in 2002 leaving me with this vision mirroring his elegant demeanor .Teaching me so much in so little time. In loving memory of Stephen Warren 1974-2002 I present to you the 1474 Art Inc.

Plan of Action

1. Artist Development) T o obtain large customer clientele database to support up and coming artist by artist development and custom marketing strategies.Our plan is to help artist grow in there highest point of success. During that process we will use the artist threw 1474 as examples to educate students as well as the schooling system on Art awareness.


2. Art Awareness) B ringing Art awareness to the community and surrounding areas. We plan to partner with numerous organization.

The art of expression and how it provides a mental stimulation which will result in better testing scores. It also provides an outlet for students to cope and understanding emotion.



  • ●  Community outreach

  • ●  Artist development

  • ●  Art awareness

  • ●  Custom marketing strategies


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